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Ronan Murphy – Content Writer at 2cubed

In early 2013, we added content writer Ronan Murphy to the 2Cubed team. Ronan is a renowned online writer, and has received various accolades for his contributions to a number of websites. He has a Master’s Degree in English, and has over 12 years of experience writing content on everything from computer games to books, and from music to football. Named as one of the Best Music Bloggers in Ireland by both the Sunday Times and the Irish Independent, Ronan was also a previous winner of the IGN Writer of the Month award, and also was part of the team that won the Best Popculture Blog at the 2010 Irish Blog Awards. As well as providing online content for 2Cubed’s vast array of clients, Ronan also works as Deputy Editor of Ireland, and has been published in the Irish Daily Star, as well as TheJournal and RTÉ websites.