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2Cubed Christmas Opening Hours


Hi All,

Our Christmas opening hours are as follows.

Closing Friday the 22nd of December at 1 o’clock.

Business as usual will resume on Wednesday the 2nd of January.

Wishing all our customers a very Happy Christmas and all the best in the new year.

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Official Realex Payments Integration Partner

We have just become Realex Payments Integration Partners. You will find us listed under Developers in Leinster.


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Luminate Conference – Wexford Spiegeltent, Custom House Quay, Wexford

The aim of the conference was to promote and encourage entrepreneurship in Wexford and the South East.

This event was specifically aimed at owners of young businesses who would not normally attend business conferences, and this event had a different look and feel to a standard conference event. The overall theme is one of optimism through challenging times, and the delegates are encouraged to take an active part in the event. The Instant Opinion system allows delegates to submit their questions by text, and a key part of each session is the Q&A, where the three speakers respond to the questions in a group discussion format.


Session 1:  The Voice of Experience
13:00 pm – 14:30 pm  Launched by Tom Banville, CEO,Wexford County Enterprise Board
14:30 pm – 14:50 pm  Speaker:  Bill Kelly, Kellys Resort Hotel
14:50 pm – 15:10 pm  Speaker:  Fred Karlsson, DoneDeal
15:10 pm – 15:30 pm  Speaker:  Aidan Quigley, Loftus Hall
Session 2:  Wexford – If not us, who?  If not now, when?
15:30 pm – 16:20 pm  Introduction by Chair, Brendan Ennis
Speaker: Dr Kevin Whelan, Notre Dame
Speaker: Michael McLoughlin, ConnectIreland
Speaker: Michael Londra
16:20 pm – 16:35 pm  Question and Answer Session, Instant Opinion
16:35 pm – 16:40 pm  Closing Address


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2Cubed goes to the Dublin Web Summit


Here are some of out thoughts from the Web Summit over the two days.. really great information.

Follow 2_Cubed on Twitter for more of the same. We got some great up to date and relevant information over the 2 days.

We were also delighted to be asked by Paddy Cosgrave to be part of the Live Team for the 2 Days.

This screen will hit a nerve with many software startups! Get business first then the software #websummit

Success behind most of the big Internet companies like Google and YouTube were created by very rich people. Massive head start #websummit

Choose & Focus on 3 Metrics ONLY #onesheet #websummit

Great slide very true! ‘Don’t Solve Problems you Don’t have’

@jonmarkgo from #twillio great presenation at #DeveloperStage #Websummit

#Twillio writing code live.. very cool.. making live calls automatically.. #websummit

Data converting it into something that has some joy involved.. @electricirelandtweetcafe being referenced #websummit

Anna from byFlock, #bigdata how to capture it, how to search it.. and how to display in a way that people will understand #websummit

Not tranining developers properly & allow them copy boilerplate code, stops developers thinking that need to move the web forward #websummit

#perch CMS must look at this.. interesting.. #websummit

HTML5 boilerplate why use this from the start?? you are solving issues before they arise.. humm .. #websummit  responsive design.. HTML5 Cross Browser Polyfill #websummit

Frustration with browsers they change quickly, developers have to quickly adapt code for it to still work on old and new browsers #websummit

Web standards and browsers are all now more or less the same and standard features #websummit

Factual glogal data for places & products in a normalised way #websummit

Shared Conversations an Shared Experiences are the way to build a culture and a vision for a culture within the organisation #websummit

#websummit Oh the timezone issue.. I hear the pain.. #engineyard 8 timezones

First Hires are so important as they set the tone of the company going forward especially in Start Ups #websummit

Trust & Communication necessary for a developer culture.. what ever your background is! #websummit

Building Culture .. With Eamon Leonard Engine Yard

#websummit give a coding challenge when hiring developers.. I agree with this!@mattmickiewicz

#websummit  new website to hire developers

#websummit man from 99designs

#websummit Google has 900 DEVELOPERS!! very competitive

Matt Mickiewicz of 99designs and  … Looking forward to this!#websummit

@Behance is Internet harming the creative industries? #websummit

#websummit send emails at the right time! @sailthru

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IIA Net Visionary Awards Short List Announced


Our Good Friends in Sonru have been shortlisted again – This time for the award of “Best International “we’ll conquer the world” Irish Technology Business”. Which is a pretty cool title to be shortlisted for. Best of Luck!

Vote for Sonru here

Net Visionay award for Web Development Category is our natural category always has healthy competition and this year is no different. So good luck to the finalists. 2Cubed hopes to be there in 2013.

The Irish Internet’s annual Dot ie Net Visionary Awards’ 2012 shortlist has gone live with a number of new categories to reflect the present state of the web in Ireland.

The new categories include: Best International “we’ll conquer the world” Irish Technology Business, The Bravest and Best “brick to click” Business, Most “joyous to look and splendid to use” Web Design, Most Indispensible Cloud Service for SMEs. 

“Now that the shortlist is announced, the voting is open to the public,” IIA chief executive Joan Mulvihill said. “This year, for the first time, we are combining the public vote with the judges score to determine the ultimate category winners,” she added.

“This new departure will ensure that the winning entry is  regarded by both customers, peers and judges alike as the very best in class.”  

The Dot ie Net Visionary Awards, now in their 14th year will be held on Friday, 28th September at the Wintergarden at the National Gallery of Ireland.

Via Silicon Republic

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2Cubed Web Design & Development have been Shortlisted for Wexford Business Awards


2Cubed Web Design is delighted to have been shortlisted for the 2012 Wexford Chamber Wexford Business Awards. We are very excited here to be shortlisted.  We have been shortlisted for 3 categories:

Wexford Technology Enterprise & Innovation Award

Wexford Emerging New Business Award

Wexford Service Provider Award

More details to follow on

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2Cubed Interview with Karl Fitzpatrick on South East Radio

On  Saturday the 5th of May we did a Radio Interview on South East Radio. You can have a listen below.

Some of the information provided in the Interview would be some help if you were going to develop a website for the first time or analyse whether your own website is working or not.

Some of the Questions that we went through on the show were:

Why do some websites work and others not?

What is the Google keyword tool used for?

How can companies improve their sites ranking on Google?

What does Google rank your site on the basis of?

How important is it to have videos on your website?

What skills should you look for in a web designer?

What is wordpress and why does it rank so well on Google?

Talk to me about Search Engine Optimisation?

What are Business Directory Submissions and how effective are they?

Does Social Media Marketing work or does it depend on the sector?

What is Pay Per Click Advertising and how does it work?

Explain the term Network Advertising to me?

How useful are Google analytics and insights?

Would you recommend that companies should engage in Blogging?

What are the benefits to business owners of using LinkedIn?

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2Cubed joins the Enniscorthy Chamber of Commerce


2Cubed is proud to have become a member of the Enniscorthy Chamber of Commerce.  Today the Chamber held lunch in the Riverside Hotel in Enniscorthy, and we found it a good way of meeting local businesses to share ideas and strengthen existing relationships with current customers.  You realise that you don’t get a chance to have space to just talk to other businesses outside a formal meeting so it’s nice to have a casual chat and really build friendships in a business environment.  We have developed and designed many local business websites recently and it’s great to hear positive feedback from these businesses. Really how else would you hear this?

The Chamber lunches or network events facilitate this in a local sense. It’s also important that events like this don’t take a day out of your work life so having them executed in a timely fashion is very important.

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Wexford CEB are now taking Applications for eCommerce/eBusiness Websites


Wexford County Enterprise Board is now offering assistance with eCommerce and eBusiness Development with a small grant towards the high cost of developing this side of business.

The board is now offering up to €1,000 or 50% of the costs towards developing an eBusiness or eCommerce website.

This is always a popular grant scheme run by the county enterprise boards and gets subscribed to very quickly.  Visit for more information or contact Jennifer here in 2Cubed.

You can also contact 2Cubed on 051-440425 for a quotation.

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