Balbriggan Braces Homepage

Balbriggan Braces

We recently designed and developed the new website for Dublin Orthodontic Clinic Balbriggan Braces, who help children and adults in Ireland get straighter teeth through their orthodontic treatments.

Led by Dr Aileen Griffin, Balbriggan Braces offer free consultations on your orthodontic treatment, so you can find out how much your braces will cost before starting your treatment.

The benefits of having Orthodontic treatment include:

  • Improve appearance and create a great smile
  • Improve self-confidence and phycho-social advantages
  • Reduce risk of accidental injury to protruding or prominent teeth
  • Influence the growth of jaws and help produce a better facial profile
  • Rearranging the teeth to improve the bite
  • Teeth are made easier to clean thereby reducing the risk of dental decay and disease
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