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Wexford Food Store

The Wexford Food Store is a local family business based in Enniscorthy whose aim is to get local Irish food producers, growers and local cottage industries to sell and export their products online.

100% of the food on the Wexford Food Store is Irish. Their motto is if it’s not grown, raised, produced or caught on Irish registered trawlers it will not be sold on their site. Never again will you have to spend time trying to find out on the packaging where your food comes from, because all of their food is 100% Irish!!!!!

Wexford Food Store are proud of the fact that by spending you’re hard earned cash on the Wexford Food Store you are keeping 100% of that money recirculating in the local and Irish economy.

With your help and if the Wexford Food Store becomes a success they will give a good proportion of profits to local sports groups in Wexford and the most vulnerable charities in Wexford that don’t receive any government funding.

Because all the food on the Wexford Food Store is 100% Irish and because of the fact that they don’t import any food it means 0 air miles and 0 shipping miles are required which results in a better environment.

2Cubed were delighted to help Wexford Food Store to start their journey with this brand new interactive website and wish them all the best in their future endeavors. If you are looking for Web Design to match your company’s ambitions and make it a reality then get in Contact today and we can do the same for you.

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