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Today was a proud day for Smart Futures as their new and improved website was launched by 2Cubed.

2Cubed were delighted to take on the project of creating a website for Smart Futures that not only has a visually beautiful bespoke design but also effectively delivers the perfect user experience for those who wish to find out if studying a STEM subject or starting a STEM career is for them. The website has a design that is not only a joy to navigate as a user but also is full of content and resources for all those who may have an interest in anything STEM related.

Smart Futures was created with the purpose and goal to provide STEM career resources to students, teachers, guidance counsellors and parents in Ireland and to stimulate an interest in STEM subjects in both secondary school and at third level.

On the Smart Futures website you will have the opportunity to discover what types of STEM careers are available to you and also hear from people who work in STEM related jobs. Throughout the website you will see the wide range of careers available, discover the people that are working in STEM, the organisations that they’re working in and what their interests and skills are. Smart Futures also have helpful tools and resources for parents, teachers and students in their Explore and Discover section.

2Cubed were delighted to create this brand new bespoke website for Smart Futures and wish them all the best in their future endeavors and a prosperous 2019. If you too are looking for Web Design to match your company’s ambitions and make it a reality then get in Contact today and we will do the same for you.

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