Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

PWAs are a new way to build websites that are faster, easier to use and more secure. They are built on the latest web technologies and are designed to be installed on a user’s mobile device. They are a great way to get your website into the hands of users and to help them get the most out of your website.

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Customer-centric user experience is at the forefront of innovation within website design and web development like never before. Also, the importance of mobile responsiveness is key to ranking on the first page of the search results and keeping up with Google’s ever-changing algorithms. Progressive Web Apps (PWA’s) allow for all the functionality of a mobile app but there’s no need to download it. Whatsmore, it can be easily accessed from any device, just like a website. How would your customers feel while interacting with your business online with a highly personalised experience as they browse your countless products and excellent services? Imagine the impact that would have.

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Progressive Web Apps vs Native Apps vs Websites

The main difference between progressive web apps vs native apps is that a native app is developed to run on mobile devices while PWAs are built to run on web browsers like Chrome or Safari. Then, the main differences between a PWA and a website are that the PWA can work offline, is built with mobile-first in mind, can be easily installed on the home screen and more. The table below highlights all of the differences and some of the great features to benefit your business by investing in a PWA.

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How do PWAs benefit your business?

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PWAs can transform the way in which clients interact with your online business, increase sales and drive repeat custom. Some of the benefits of investing in PWA development for your business:

  • Works offline
  • Quick and easy to install on the home screen
  • Mobile-first navigation
  • Works everywhere, across all devices
  • Quickly apply updates
  • Can be shared through links
  • Low data requirements
  • Able to be highly personalised
  • Easily indexed by Google

All of these features of progressive web apps make for a better overall user experience which helps to rank your PWA, therefore, brings your business higher up within Google searches.

Caragh Nurseries - PWA
Case Study

Caragh Nurseries PWA

Recently here at 2Cubed, we developed a highly functioning PWA for our clients, Caragh Nurseries. As the leading grower of plants and trees in Ireland, they already have a powerful eCommerce website that we maintain and update, but they wanted a PWA developed to bring a new dimension to their company. Some of the features of their progressive web app are that there is a QR scanner, it is search engine optimised and can be easily signed-in in from Google. To read more about how Caragh Nurseries app, click the link below.

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