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At 2Cubed we understand the importance of a fast and reliable website, and how it can impact your business’s online success. Our team of experts will work with you to identify any performance issues and implement solutions to improve your website’s speed, security, and overall performance. Scroll down below for your free website performance check.

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Why does website speed matter?

Website speed is one of the main factors that defines good user experience. Page speed defines your brand, it sets the bar on how customers see your offering. It's your first impression. If a website takes more than 3 seconds to load, the customer will find a faster option! This in turn affects your bounce rate which affects the way Google's algorithm indexes your website. The overall SEO ranking of your website becomes lower if load speed is not fast enough. Low page speed load also affects conversions on ecommerce websites, lazy loading times can cause a customer to abandon the cart and the sale is lost. 2Cubed specialise in website performance optimisation and improvement. We will highlight the key issues causing your website to score poorly and offer a solution that works for you!

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How does your website's load speed stack up? Enter it here to find out.

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How is Page speed measured?

The three main metrics for measuring page load time are; Time To First Byte, Time To First Draw, and Time To Usability. Time To First Byte (TTFB) is the time it takes between when a person types your URL into their browser and when their browser receives the first bit of data. Time To First Draw (TTFD) is calculated by when the user sees the first content on their screens from when the URL was typed in. Finally, Time To Usability (TTU) is how long the complete content of your website is visible from when a user clicked on your URL. Sounds complicated? We can help with that at 2Cubed we specialise in developing websites that are fast and effective.

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What is considered good website performance?

After you've put your URL into our checker you'll see two results: Mobile Performance and Desktop Performance. These results take into account many factors that create the baseline performance. TTFB should be under 200 milliseconds, TTFD should take less than a second and TTU should load within the range of 2-3 seconds. However, we've made our Performance Checker easy for you to get an idea of where your website stands. Mobile Performance should be above 75% and Desktop Performance should be above 90%. If your score is lower, get in touch and we can help you get the most out of website speeds.

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