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User Experience & User Interface Design – UI/UX

Our expert team understands the importance of providing your users with an intuitive and enjoyable experience. That’s why we offer a comprehensive UX and UI design service, which focuses on creating a user-friendly website.

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User Experience & User Interface

User Interface and User Experience are essential elements of any web design project. UI/UX work together to create a website that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional for the user. The goal of UI/UX design is to create a website that is easy to use, intuitive, and attractive.

2Cubed understands that it’s vital that your business delivers a positive experience for your users and to make sure the user experience you deliver is a positive one we have an extensive checklist that we measure your website by.

User Experience

A positive user experience is not just expected by people nowadays, it’s demanded and to say that the potential success of your business depends on it is not an understatement. It doesn’t matter how good your product or service is if your user experience is poor.

2Cubed understands that it’s vital that your business delivers a positive experience for your users and to make sure the user experience you deliver is a positive one we have an extensive checklist that we measure your website by.

User Interface

User interface (UI) design is an integral part of web design. It is the bridge between the user and the website. It allows users to interact with a website in a meaningful way and helps them navigate it easily.

UI design is important because it makes sure that web designers are creating websites that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. It also helps create a positive user experience by making sure that all the elements on a page are easy to use, understand, and navigate. Additionally, User Interface design ensures that websites look good on any device or browser, regardless of its size or resolution. This includes monitors, phones and tablets.

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So what makes a good user experience you might wonder?

Excellent User Experience

At its core, a good user experience is simply how the user who visits your site ends up feeling about every interaction they had with your site when using it. Your goal is to make sure your user has a positive experience and that they were happy with the interactions they had. This will encourage them to visit again.

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User Experience Optimisation

There are many ways you can make sure you are delivering the optimal user experience such as first of all making sure that the user is actually able to do whatever it is they set out to do when they enter your website. If they want to buy a product or access some information on a particular topic their path should be clear and concise, there should be no obstacles in their way. If a user has to think too much about where they need to go to navigate their way through your site to find what they need, the User Experience is lacking.

Beautiful bespoke web design

UX Design

So you have your site designed in such a way that you think it will deliver a positive easy to use user experience, job done right? Wrong! That’s only half the battle, according to Adobe, if your web user experience is not optimised, 80% will search for another site to complete their task. At 2Cubed we provide beautiful Bespoke Web Designs that provide a unique website to each and every customer, we never use a template so we can ensure each design is unique to the individual.

We have our very own in-house, award winning Graphic Designer. Our designer’s creative intuition and ability to conceptualise abstract concepts are central to our design capabilities, and central to ensuring your website has the ultimate UX Design. Our websites are designed in the best possible way in order to provide your users with the ultimate experience.

Other questions to ask yourself

Does my site take a long time to load?

The loading times need to be reasonable and fast otherwise customers will get annoyed, and an annoyed customer is not spending money.

If your site has an ecommerce element is the journey between discovering the product and purchasing it quick and efficient?

Again if this takes too long or becomes convoluted and unnecessarily complicated then you will needlessly lose potential customers on the way.

Are site users engaging with your content?

Do your blogs have an interactive comment section to encourage engagement which google will see and rank your site higher for. These things all compliment each other when it comes to providing a strong user experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is UI design? open icon close icon

UI stands for User Interface, this is the process that our designers use to build interfaces in software.

What is UX design? open icon close icon

This refers to User Experience, this design process focuses on providing a positive user experience. 2Cubed understands that it’s vital that your business delivers a positive customer experience.

Can I use both UX and UI design on my website? open icon close icon

Yes, they work together to create your bespoke and fully functional website. Combined they provide the positive user experience that is now expected by customers, we make sure the user experience you deliver is a positive one we have an extensive checklist that we measure your website by.

What is the difference between UI and UX? open icon close icon

UI stands for User Interface which is the process that web designers use to build interfaces, while UX stands for User EXperience which focuses on providing users with a positive experience. Focusing on both allows 2Cubed to build bespoke functional websites.

An example of User Interface open icon close icon

An example of User Interface would be the website’s design from the layout, menu buttons etc.

An example of User Experience. open icon close icon

An example of good user experience would be a user who uses an eCommerce website and the process is easy and hassle free to buy goods.. Alternatively a bad user experience is if the same user found that it was a hassle and a long process to buy goods.

Is it worthwhile going through the UI/UX process in web design? open icon close icon

Web design is a complex process that involves more than just coding and designing. User interface and user experience are two important aspects of web design that should not be overlooked. Through this process, web designers can create an intuitive and engaging experience for users.

Does every website need UI/UX? open icon close icon

User interface and user experience are two of the most important components of a website. Without them, a website will not be able to provide an enjoyable and efficient experience to its users. The importance of user interface and user experience cannot be overstated as they play a major role in ensuring that websites are accessible, usable, and enjoyable for all users.

Some Benefits of UI/UX Design open icon close icon

  • Help with the Retention of Users
  • Helps attract new users to the website
  • Increase conversion rates and engagement rates on the website. 
  • Helps boost SEO 
  • Improves Website Speed
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