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Unipipe are specialists in floor heating and renewable energy heating systems. They are the Irish distributors for Swedish manufacturer Nibe, Europe’s largest producer of heatpumps.

Their experience in floor heating and also heatpumps dates back to 1985. At that time they we had ‘green’ solutions before the term had even been coined – it just seemed to make good sense to spend far less money than burning oil or gas and yet be more comfortable. The same is still true today, in fact even more so! With the running costs of a heat-pump at around one third of the price of oil, the savings on one the biggest outlays in your household budget are quite dramatic.

Well known for our multi-layer pipe and floor heating systems, which they took our name from, Unipipe also pioneered the use of heat pump technology in Ireland. Selling Nibe in Ireland for over twelve years now, thousands of Irish customers enjoy the comforts and savings provided by our heat-pumps (along with their back-up service too!) not only in homes, but apartments and commercial applications such as nursing homes and offices.

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