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What is UX Design?

This can have many explanations. Simply put, UX (User Experience) Design is the focus placed with the end user at the forefront of the mind when developing a software product. Thinking about how a user will interact with the product and basing thoughts around this is fundamentally how it’s described in Layman’s terms. UX Design is not simply just about visual design but about the overall interaction and experience. Some points to consider below:

Usability & Accessibility

Focusing on how an end user will interact with your product has been proven to be extremely beneficial and has seen the rapid progression of UX over the past few years. When it comes to web development, this can lead to vast improvements with bounce rates and conversions ultimately driving more revenue through your website. Accessibility is also a very important area to take in mind when designing a website. Search Engines are making it easier for users with challenges to access and use the web as best as they can.

Site Architecture

The architecture of a website in this case is of utmost importance when the design journey begins. The entire flow and processes involved in making a product or a website flow eases the burden on the user and means you are more likely to convert your traffic.

Customer Loyalty & Retention

A well planned and implemented UX can have a number of benefits. UX Design focuses on an enjoyment for a person interacting with the service and thus can result in customer loyalty, familiarity, retention and positive experience. All of these points should be considered as hugely beneficial when focusing on how a user interacts with your software.

When it comes to web design, keeping things simple and practical will have a great benefit to your overall approach and strategy and should absolutely be considered.

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2Cubed have designed websites for many businesses across Wexford and Ireland. Our innovative front end designs are always created with the end user in mind.

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