2Cubed Additional Services

Domain Name
If you need advice in choosing the most appropriate domain name we will give you a helping hand. This choice alone has many implications once its chosen. Does it communicate well on all the different media such Traditional Advertising, Internet Marketing and Social Media? We have years of experience in guiding businesses in the right direction.

Logo and Brand Identity
2Cubed is here to advise you on Logo, Graphic and Brand design for all mediums. We have designers that can develop a unique identity to allow your business to grow.

We use the most up-to-date secure servers on the market to protect your applications, website and data. We also have additional backup for these servers.

Content Creation
Website content is a struggle for most businesses that’s why we will offer a package of content creation and editing.

Free Content Load
To get you up and running quickly, we’ll load your content for you. It’s simple to do yourself, but we like to give the professional designer touch to your content before you go live. Up to 20 pages are free, the average for most websites.

Free Monthly Training & Best of Aftercare
We don’t just design your site and leave you there. Each month we run free online training & help webinars to help you get the best from your website – what we call our ‘Friday Coffee Morning with Webtrade’. We give you the best of help materials and our support team are always at hand to help and advise. Our business needs your business, so it’s in our interest to make sure you thrive.

Software Integration
If you have an application that you need to feed content to from your website or have a website that you need to feed infomation to your website, we can build you the interface that can do this.

Lifetime Warranty (always)
Nobody else gives a 100% lifetime warranty over their websites. You’re always on the latest version of our software, so if there’s a bug or problem, we fix it.