2Cubed goes to the Dublin Web Summit


Here are some of our thoughts from the Web Summit over the two days.. really great information.

Follow 2_Cubed on Twitter for more of the same. We got some great up to date and relevant information over the 2 days.

We were also delighted to be asked by Paddy Cosgrave to be part of the Live Team for the 2 Days.

This screen will hit a nerve with many software startups! Get business first then the software #websummit pic.twitter.com/6sjp2O6R

Success behind most of the big Internet companies like Google and YouTube were created by very rich people. Massive head start #websummit

Choose & Focus on 3 Metrics ONLY #onesheet #websummit

Great slide very true! ‘Don’t Solve Problems you Don’t have’ #websummitpic.twitter.com/imMzqVFv

@jonmarkgo from #twillio great presenation at #DeveloperStage #Websummit

#Twillio writing code live.. very cool.. making live calls automatically.. #websummit

Data converting it into something that has some joy involved.. @electricirelandtweetcafe being referenced #websummit

Anna from byFlock, #bigdata how to capture it, how to search it.. and how to display in a way that people will understand #websummit

Not tranining developers properly & allow them copy boilerplate code, stops developers thinking that need to move the web forward #websummit

#perch CMS must look at this.. interesting.. #websummit

HTML5 boilerplate why use this from the start?? you are solving issues before they arise.. humm .. #websummit

greenbelt.org.uk  responsive design.. HTML5 Cross Browser Polyfill #websummit

Frustration with browsers they change quickly, developers have to quickly adapt code for it to still work on old and new browsers #websummit

Web standards and browsers are all now more or less the same and standard features #websummit

Factual glogal data for places & products in a normalised way #websummit

Shared Conversations an Shared Experiences are the way to build a culture and a vision for a culture within the organisation #websummit

#websummit Oh the timezone issue.. I hear the pain.. #engineyard 8 timezones

First Hires are so important as they set the tone of the company going forward especially in Start Ups #websummit

Trust & Communication necessary for a developer culture.. what ever your background is! #websummit

Building Culture .. With Eamon Leonard Engine Yard #websummitpic.twitter.com/dLF2Nlef

#websummit give a coding challenge when hiring developers.. I agree with this!@mattmickiewicz

#websummit http://DeveloperAuction.com  new website to hire developers

#websummit man from 99designs pic.twitter.com/bAIKAziU

#websummit Google has 900 DEVELOPERS!! very competitive

Matt Mickiewicz of 99designs and http://Flippa.com  … Looking forward to this!#websummit

@Behance is Internet harming the creative industries? #websummit pic.twitter.com/OixPLgrJ

#websummit send emails at the right time! @sailthru