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5 ways you can improve your SEO ranking 2024

Your business’s online presence is arguably its most valuable asset. In a time where online presence is key to business growth and increased revenue, the focus is firmly on the User eXperience. In order to provide this you must have a good understanding of the user intent.


Focus on the User experience 

Your business’s online presence is arguably its most valuable asset. In a time where online presence is key to business growth and increased revenue, the focus is firmly on the User Experience. In order to provide this you must have a good understanding of the user intent. What are your customers looking for when they visit your website? Are you providing a product or service? Are you a non-profit organisation? Does your site purely provide information? Understanding the user intent will allow you to work with a web development agency to design the perfect website for your business. You will have the knowledge to create a positive User experience, know what your customers are looking for and what they need and provide it for them in an easy and functional way, this positive User experience will ensure they return to your website. 

Providing a positive user experience is key to growing and the success of your business. SEO targets search engines and UX targets visitors, they work symbiotically to improve the overall User Experience and drive the success of your website. An important factor that must be considered in terms of User Experience is the speed of your site, it is important that your website plug-ins are updated regularly to ensure that the site is functioning and performing at the highest possible level. It is important that your page speed is fast and not sluggish, and that your site is optimised and uses responsive design adaptable for all screens. Aside from the functionality of the site, the incorporation of the site’s branding and content is equally as important. 

Quality of Content

How you communicate your business message to your visitors is an essential part of the overall User Experience. It is important to update your website content regularly with relevant, engaging material that is on brand, original and appeals to your audience. A great way of doing this is by posting regular blogs. Blogs allow you to focus on events and topics that are relevant to your brand and they are a great way of engaging with your audience. When writing blogs or refreshing/updating your website content. It is essential that you carry out keyword analysis. Keyword analysis allows you to research keywords and phrases that will increase traffic on your website through both organic and paid search. It is more important than ever to incorporate keywords and create new relevant content since the introduction of Google’s MUM in May 2021, this multimodal algorithm is designed to provide answers to complex queries. Recognising and understanding Google’s focus on new SERP features and optimising your content and keywords along with including more backlinks in your content will help your overall ranking.

Images & Video Content

Video is a fantastic way of boosting your SEO. If used correctly it can play a huge role in outranking your competitors online. You should design your video content with a goal in mind, including a call to action and a lead capture method. You should incorporate keywords into your video and into your video title. When using videos and images to accompany your website it is important to ensure that they have been optimised and will not slow down your site. With videos in particular using larger files can often slow down your page’s load time and will directly influence the User Experience. If your page takes too long to load, chances are your visitors may find what they are looking for on a competitor’s site if they don’t have to wait as long to access the page. 

AI will play a huge role in your ranking in 2024

It is 2024, there are huge advancements in all areas of technology including computing power, datafication and 3D Printing and on a smaller scale the role of AI in SEO and content generation is increasing. Google uses various AI systems to help them detect spam and set their ever-changing algorithms. Using AI tools for your online marketing is important to guide SEO, content creation, optimisation and keyword research.  This does not mean you should fire your marketing team and rely solely on AI. However, it does mean that the incorporation of AI tools means that SEO keyword research is no longer the time-consuming tedious task it once was and can greatly benefit your marketing strategy and content creation and improve the amount of SEO related traffic to your website. The use of AI technologies will allow you to explore trending topics, relevant keywords and point you in the right direction for your content creation. 

Backlinks & Indexing 

Backlinks are a very valuable aspect of SEO, they help your website rank higher for target keywords in SERPs.  A great way to feature backlinks on your website if you provide a product or service is to feature testimonials or reviews linking to external sites. To get high-ranking backlinks to your site you could contact or collaborate with a journalist, blogger or influencer allowing them to backlink to your website. The more backlinks linked to your website are seen by Google as having high-ranking quality content and more trustworthy.


When you create new content or refresh the content on your website it is essential that you submit that page to Google Search Console for indexing. Once you do this it appears on Google’s list and is analysed by Google for content and meaning and it is then stored in the Google index to appear in search results. 

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