2Cubed Interview with Karl Fitzpatrick on South East Radio

On  Saturday the 5th of May we did a Radio Interview on South East Radio. You can have a listen below.

Some of the information provided in the Interview would be some help if you were going to develop a website for the first time or analyse whether your own website is working or not.

Some of the questions that we went through on the show were:

Why do some websites work and others not?

What is the Google keyword tool used for?

How can companies improve their site’s ranking on Google?

What does Google rank your site on the basis of?

How important is it to have videos on your website?

What skills should you look for in a web designer?

What is WordPress and why does it rank so well on Google?

Talk to me about Search Engine Optimisation?

What are Business Directory Submissions and how effective are they?

Does Social Media Marketing work or does it depend on the sector?

What is Pay Per Click Advertising and how does it work?

Explain the term Network Advertising to me?

How useful are Google analytics and insights?

Would you recommend that companies should engage in Blogging?

What are the benefits to business owners of using LinkedIn?