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2Cubed Interview with Karl Fitzpatrick on South East Radio

On Saturday the 5th of May we did a Radio Interview on South East Radio.

Karl Fitzpatrick interviews Jennifer O'Brien

On Saturday the 5th of May we did a Radio Interview on South East Radio. Some of the information provided in the Interview would be some help if you were going to develop a website for the first time or analyse whether your own website is working or not.

Some of the Questions that we went through on the show were:

  • Why do some websites work and others not?
  • What is the Google keyword tool used for?
  • How can companies improve their sites ranking on Google?
  • What does Google rank your site on the basis of?
  • How important is it to have videos on your website?
  • What skills should you look for in a web designer?
  • What is WordPress and why does it rank so well on Google?
  • Talk to me about Search Engine Optimisation.
  • What are Business Directory Submissions and how effective are they?
  • Does Social Media Marketing work or does it depend on the sector?
  • What is Pay Per Click Advertising and how does it work?
  • Explain the term Network Advertising to me?
  • How useful are Google analytics and insights?
  • Would you recommend that companies should engage in Blogging?
  • What are the benefits to business owners of using LinkedIn?

Check out the full interview here: Karl Fitzpatrick interviews Jennifer O’Brien from 2Cubed Web Design