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Is My Website Broken?

Are you experiencing a drop in online sales or a decrease in traffic to your website?
Are you wondering how your once high ranking website is no longer reaching its full

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Are you experiencing a drop in online sales or a decrease in traffic to your website?
Are you wondering how your once high-ranking website is no longer reaching its full potential?

There are several factors that could stand in the way of your website hitting its targets and outperforming its competitors. Aside from obvious on-screen evidence of errors, there are often hidden signs. Here are some key signs that there is something wrong and some tips on how to identify and fix them.

If you run an eCommerce website and are experiencing a noticeable decrease in your online sales it is bound to spark concern, once you consider other external factors that could be responsible for this such as the time of year. It is normal to experience a decrease in sales across many sectors in January and February compared to the previous two months in the lead-up to Christmas. However, if you have eliminated these external factors, this could mean there are problems with your website.

If you have a booking form or questionnaire on your website and the bookings and enquiries have decreased significantly and suddenly then this is another indicator of an issue with your website. To get to the bottom of why your website is not performing as well as it should you need to decipher whether that is because A. Your audience is not visiting your site. B. They are visiting your site but leaving before engaging or purchasing products.

You can use tools such as Google Analytics to measure your audience engagement on your website. If your Google Analytics is showing a significant decrease in traffic, engagement and revenue then it’s time to investigate further. The first thing you should do is look at your bounce rate if your bounce rate (user engagement rate on GA4) has increased or decreased respectively, you can look at the user flow and identify whether people are leaving your site from a certain page if they are then it is likely an issue with a particular page, is the page user friendly, is it to text heavy, does it add to a positive user experience? If not then it is time to update the content on this page. Bear in mind that sometimes the performance and ranking of your page can go up and down through no fault of your own but purely due to Google’s Algorithm which is always changing and is often hard to decipher. In this case, monitor your website for a week and make positive changes to increase the ranking.

In order to improve your bounce rate and increase user engagement on your website it is essential that you regularly update your website, everything from WordPress updates, plug-in updates and content. Regular blogs and newsletters also help with driving traffic to your website. To improve your website’s ranking and help it reach its potential it is essential that you update your website’s content regularly, adding new blogs with internal and external links. Refresh page content, adding new products and images. For example, if you have an eCommerce website then adding new stock regularly accompanied by engaging content is important.

Another important factor to consider is how to optimise your ads. Targeting your ads to specific audiences is vital to ensure that the right people are seeing your content and visiting your website. You should also consider the power of digital media placement. When driving traffic to your website make sure all your social media posts have a Call To Action linking to specific pages on your website. When creating content for your website pages and your blogs the use of high-ranking keywords will improve your SEO and help you rank higher. When refreshing old content or adding new content and pages to your website you should submit them for reindexing by Google on Google Search Console for reindexing so Google will rank it faster.

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