March update for Web Maintenance Customers – Part 4 Newsletter

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Welcome to our newest edition of the 2Cubed Newsletter. Here you’ll find the latest news about the Website Maintenance we have have been carrying out, insight into how to maximize your Website User Experience and some top SEO Tips to aid you in your efforts.

Maintenance – Importance of Regular Website Maintenance
Regular Website Maintenance is something every website requires if it wishes to operate efficiently. Website Maintenance is a relatively simple process, but there are basic mistakes that many people can make if they are not careful. Avoid these and you’ll be well on your way to a safer, cleaner website that isn’t a huge pain to keep running.

One of the great things about creating websites is that you can start small and add things as you need them and further expand the site naturally. It’s recommended to start out with a pamphlet-style site and then from there you can add things like shops, blogs etc… Find out what your target audience want and then tailor your site to suit those needs.

Generally speaking the more bigger and complicated a website is, the more likely you are to be presented with bigger and more complicated problems. By starting small at first, it’ll be easier for you to isolate and solve any issues as they may appear and by the time you do begin to introduce more complicated additions to the site you will hopefully be a lot more familiar with your site and it’s inner workings, and be better equipped to deal with any Website Maintenance issues as they may arise.

User Experience (UX) – Quality Content over Quantity
A great website should always contain great content. However some people make the mistake of assuming that the more they put into their site and expand it the better it will be, but this is not always the case, bigger is not always better.

When websites create content they should always place an emphasis on the quality of their content as opposed to just focusing on producing a large quantity of it.To give a user the best experience possible your website should be full of strong content that matters, if you look at your website and look at it objectively and find that if you removed two or three pages, that there would be no effect caused then these pages are weak content.

Every piece of content should have a purpose and be important enough that if they were to be removed it would have a negative effect on your site. If it’s not vital it’s not needed, if it’s not quality content it’s just extra unneeded quantity content.

SEO – Power of the Focus Keyword
A focus keyword is a search term that you want your page to rank for the most, so hopefully when people search for this term they will find your site. When you have decided on the focus keyword you wish to rank for, you will need to put some effort into finding out whether or not there are already many searches for the focus keyword you wish to use. When you have found out what search terms are actually used by people, you will then need to know whether your idea for your post or page fits the needs and expectations of the people who are using these search terms.

The easiest and most effective way to find out if your content meets your target audience’s needs is to simply google your proposed focus keyword yourself. When you do this, you should look at the first two result pages. Are the other articles and similar results in these two pages something similar to what your page or post will be, does it look like a place where your page and post would fit in between naturally? It’s important to ask yourself this question because if you are going to be optimizing for this specific focus keyword ideally you will be aiming to get your post amongst these results.

When used effectively, a strong focus keyword is powerful! Choosing the perfect focus keyword isn’t always simple. When trying to find the perfect focus keyword you should always aim to have a combination of words that are regularly used by your target audience. Aim for a focus keyword that is high on volume and one which will suit your audience.

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