Why do people abandon their shopping carts online?

We came across this fantastic info graphic on another blog. Scurri.co.uk are a logistics company that we follow for the latest in shipping in eCommerce websites. http://www.scurri.co.uk/blog. Shopping Cart Abandonment is very relevant for our customers and some of the key findings are eye openers. Most of the time the key findings are about the shipping charges. Customers are at the final stages and because the shipping charge is too high or not for their country they abandon their online shopping experience.

  •     55% said the cost of shipping was too much
  •     25% abandoned because no delivery date was provided

When asked what would encourage respondents to convert

  •     73% would be encouraged to convert if free shipping was made available
  •     60% if  an estimated or guaranteed date was available
  •     38% if they had the option to expedite shipping

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