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Virtually every website should have an active blog. To have a blog on your website costs you nothing as it’s a free feature but to not use a blog effectively at all could actually cost you quite a bit in terms of not generating as much traffic and conversions as you could have otherwise to make your website as successful as possible. That’s because using blog posts effectively is an integral part of an effective Content Marketing strategy.

Content Marketing is a marketing strategy that is based on creating and sharing content of value with your community or target audience, thus establishing yourself as an authority in your field. A content marketing strategy helps to build a strong relationship between you and your users and potential customers. When people feel they have a good relationship with a website or business they are a lot more open to purchasing off them. This means that if your content marketing strategy is successful you will have garnered an increase in sales without having to go the length of traditional hard selling to try and get conversions.

Blogs became so popular as part of content marketing because regularly posting great content to your website was a great alternative to traditional outbound marketing such as advertising and cold calling. It’s well known that when customers come to you of their own free will they are a lot more likely to be favorable to purchasing off you compared to when you make the first move by chasing them. By posting great blogs rich in content users are getting something from reading them, they are having a better user experience and there is also the possibility that they will find you on google when searching for a term that you may have done a blog post about.

Another reason blogs are so great is that they can do wonders for your SEO. Blogs are limitless so you can have as many blog posts as you want, each blog post gives you a new opportunity to utilize key terms and phrases you wish to rank for in your SEO title and description. By publishing regular new content on your website, you will receive a further boost in SEO as new published content will cause search engine crawlers to revisit your website and index it. Search engines love to send their users to brand new “fresh” content so by regularly publishing content on your blog you are signalling to search engines that your website is not only very alive but it it still very relevant as it is publishing new fresh content.

Finally blogs give you great opportunities on social media as each blog post you publish can be shared through your social media channels and you can generate and drive this traffic from social media straight to your website where you will have an opportunity to then turn these site visits into conversions.

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