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M50 App Officially Launched

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“M50 Concession Limited operates and maintains the M50 Motorway through a PPP Contract with National Roads Authority. We are fully committed to ensuring the highest level of service to all stakeholders and take pride in what we do. We’re lucky enough to have a shared commitment from 2Cubed who is our Social Media partner as they fulfil every requirement when it comes to first class service, professional advices and expert technical services along with friendly, helpful and obliging team who always there whether there’s a problem or not.”

Hung Tran Van (IT & Procurement Manager, M50)

€100,000 in funding available for Irish App Developers

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Do you have a great idea for a mobile app that would be beneficial to the Irish agriculture market? The SmartAgriFood accelerator has €100,000 available in funding for each SME who would like to develop a mobile app that will help farmers.

Projects are expected to address one or more of three representative farming subsectors:

  • Arable Farming – large-scale, annual crop production in the open air
  • Horticulture – flowers, fruits and vegetables production in greenhouses or, at a small scale, similar crops in the open air. In addition, orchards can be included.
  • Livestock Farming – animal production in the open-air closed housing systems or a mix between these.

The SmartAgriFood accelerator has a total of €4 million available, meaning 40 SMEs will get the benefit of the grant.

Submissions must be made by 15 November 2014, so if you have a great idea for an agricultural app, Contact 2Cubed today to discuss how you can benefit from these fantastic grants.

What is Responsive Website Design and why is it Important?

Responsive Website Design

For your website to reach the biggest audience, you’ll need it to have a responsive design. This ensures that it works just as well on mobile phones and tablets as it does on laptops and computers. Look at the stats below just to see how important the smartphone is when trying to reach your target audience:

  • 68pc of smartphone or tablet usage occurs at home.
  • 57pc of young Irish adults admit they prefer to communicate digitally.
  • Those under 40 years of age spend on average two-and-a-half hours online each day.
  • While Irish teens have on average 50 apps on their smartphone/tablets, just six are used on a regular basis.
  • Women prefer smartphones or laptops for online shopping.
  • Irish men are the greatest users of new – generation tablets.
  • One in six phones in operation worldwide is now a smartphone.
  • Irish internet users now spend an average of €1,392 online per year.