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Web Summit 2014 Day Two

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Web SummitThe second day of the 2014 Web Summit did not have the same glamour of the first – there was no bell ringing by An Taoiseach, nor was there any Hollywood actress on display. However, for the 24,000 strong attendance, the key speakers and business leaders that spoke on various topics throughout the day provided more than enough information to help their businesses succeed.

Once again, a variety of content was seen as the way forward, with Jonathan Cloonan of GroupM predicting the continuing rise of Facebook video, while WhoSay’s Rob Gregory posited that brands need to create their own narratives on social media. Jim Bankoff echoed this, saying that Brand building is key – especially using a variety of platforms to reach your audience.

Production of a variety of content was key, but Sean Moriarty warned against the proliferation of too much content. “It’s essential for content providers to always, always, always focus on quality. There’s always someone out there who will invest in quality, so if you don’t produce quality content, you won’t get noticed.”

Moriarty made the bold claim that “the product on the shelf is not enough.” Instead, customers and visitors to your website are looking to learn and understand your business. This can greatly influence whether they decide to purchase your product or service.

IMG_0340The 2014 Web Summit focused more and more on the growth of mobile and mobile applications. Appcelerator’s Jeff Haynie stated that “mobile is replacing the web”, telling the audience that the most important thing in mobile and app creation is simplicity.

Facebook’s Dan Rose explained that this was the reasoning behind their controversial decision to separate the chat functionality from the standard Facebook app into a separate Facebook Messenger app. Customers want their apps to carry out simple tasks easily and effectively – if they want something more, they will use their browser or else use their desktop computer.

In the past year, 2Cubed has begun developing iPhone and Android Apps, and according to industry leaders, this is something that is only going to grow and grow.

Web Summit 2014: Day One

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Web Summit 2014 Nasdaq Bell2Cubed attended the Web Summit again this year, keeping up to speed on the latest trends, ideas, and innovations in web, app, and software development for 2014 and far beyond.

The first day of the 2014 Web Summit once again proved an enlightening experience, with a host of interesting speakers from around the globe speaking on a range of topics. Taoiseach Enda Kenny praised Ireland as a place for enterprise, but more significant was a similar utterance from Stripe co-founder John Collison. The Limerick native has grown Stripe from a company of two to over 160 in just four years, opening an office in Silicon Valley, but believes Ireland is still a great place for budding businesses and start-ups.

IMG_0329Adobe’s Mark Zablan spoke about the rise in subscription-based services (something 2Cubed is familiar with, from our work with the FileMe Mobile Storage application), while Matthew Garrahan from the Financial Times discussed the rise in video content as a way to connect with customers, and the importance of having an authentic voice when reaching your target audience.

Paul Macinnes, who claims to have invented live blogging in the past, echoed this sentiment, speaking about how the Guardian see the future of online content as combining video and written content.

Web Summit Main HallForbes’ Lewis Dvorkin believes “good content is hard to produce”, and had an extremely insightful conversation with Flipboard’s Mike McCue and Jimmy Maymann of the Huffington Post on the future of online media.

The rise of mobile was a common theme throughout the day, as Facebook’s Erik Johnson testified, but admitted that eCommerce websites need to do more to reach their target markets. According to Johnson, “Over 40% of users begin browsing on one device and finish shopping on another device.”

Having a simple shopping experience from start to cart (a term I’ve coined myself, but that’s bound to catch on!) is essential, with Steven Guggenheim from Microsoft asserting that “shopping cart engagement gets better the quicker a site is”.

Some of these things can be the difference between a successful website or mobile application and one that fails. Similarly, a good website can even be the reason why a business succeeds or doesn’t.

2Cubed goes to the Dublin Web Summit


Here are some of our thoughts from the Web Summit over the two days.. really great information.

Follow 2_Cubed on Twitter for more of the same. We got some great up to date and relevant information over the 2 days.

We were also delighted to be asked by Paddy Cosgrave to be part of the Live Team for the 2 Days.

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