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How to increase your Facebook engagement

Facebook engagement

Marketing your business has never been cheaper. Instead of spending hundreds or thousands of euro on newspaper, radio, or on television advertising, you can now promote your brand effectively online for little or no cost.

Facebook advertising can be hugely effective for Irish companies, and we work with many of our customers to help them plan their online marketing strategies. Targeted paid advertising and competitions will bring in new likes for your Facebook page, but there’s no point in buying likes without keeping those likes engaged.

Update frequently

If you allow your Facebook page to go stale, then don’t be surprised if you never get any likes, shares, or comments. Anyone who has liked your page already is interested in what you have to offer, so don’t be afraid to discuss anything new in your industry. If some new stock comes in, tell your fans about it.

Talk about the weather

You don’t always need to talk about your business on your business page. Current events are always a great way to get people talking, whether it’s this weekend’s big GAA game or last night’s Coronation Street cliffhanger, people like discussing what’s in the news – and Irish people especially, we love talking about the weather!

A picture paints a thousand words

Getting people to share anything other than a competition is a tricky task, but not impossible. An amazing photograph will get people talking, but also get plenty of shares – especially if it’s something funny that they might want to pass on to their friends.

Create an opinion poll

Use the Question option (under Offer/Event) when creating a new status to get your fans engaged. You don’t even have to keep it on topic, just make it interesting enough that people will want to give their opinion. Every time someone answers your poll, it’ll show up on their own wall, which will encourage their own friends to participate as well.

Don’t be afraid to ask

If you look at American companies on Facebook, you’ll see they always try to encourage interaction from their fans. You can be direct on Facebook to build engagement – a call to action can really help get your fans talking. If you tell people to do it, don’t be surprised if they actually follow your instructions!

Schedule posts in advance

It’s far better to stay up-to-date with your status updates, but there’s many things you can schedule posts for – such as upcoming events, special offers, and even new stock announcements. Online tools like Hootsuite are great for planning ahead, ensuring that your page stays active, even if you’re away. Remember, you can always edit an update before it’s posted, so keeping on topic is never much of a problem!

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Facebook News Feed Ads – the future of online advertising

Facebook News Feed Ads

Last year, Facebook introduced its Ad Exchange, which changed how they sold their advertising online. Instead of using your liked pages and interests, they began to target you with ads based on your browsing history. However, in the past month, they’ve upped the ante once again, and now you’ll find these ads popping up in your news feed – a total game-changer.

Retargeting company AdRoll has conducted a study of these news feed ads, finding that they have a have a massive 21 times higher click-through rates than standard web retargeting ads and an incredible 49 times the click-through rate of Facebook’s right-hand side ads.

From our own experience, we’ve found that Facebook’s right-hand-side adverts often go unseen, as many users automatically block out the ad area, but when they pop up in your stream, the adverts are bound to catch your eye. As they’re also targeted to sell you something you’re likely to be interested in, it’s no surprise that they’re nearly 50 times more effective.

As well as the targeting of the ads, there’s also the social aspect of things, meaning that as well as better-performing adverts, companies now can gain even more interaction with their fans and customers with likes, shares, comments, and everything else Facebook has to offer.

These ads and their success are integral to Facebook’s future growth, especially in the mobile and handheld market, so we will definitely be keeping an eye on them in future.

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Yammer – Social Networking for Business

Social Networking for Business

Last year, Microsoft shelled out a whopping $1.2 billion to acquire social media company Yammer, seeing it as a potential alternative to Facebook or even LinkedIn for businesses.

Yammer not only keeps you in contact with colleagues and people in your industry, but also allows for simple collaboration on projects letting you share files, documents, videos, etc. with relative ease. With apps for every device known to man, as well as integration with software like Sharepoint or SAP, Yammer is great for working on the go – essential when you’re relaxing abroad with nothing more than your iPad to keep you company!

The folks behind it all claim that “companies using Yammer generate about 40 percent less email”, and it’s easy to see why as projects can be seamlessly tracked throughout a company, with different levels of privacy for the entire business from boss to employee.


If all this sounds too good to be true, there is one catch. Yammer isn’t free. But it’s not too expensive either. Starting at $3 per user per month, it’s not going to put a huge hole in your budget, especially when you consider the time that might be saved elsewhere. Also, the price point of $8 per user per month with Office 365 is quite an attractive one, especially if your business conducts a lot of its work in the cloud.

The only real negative about Yammer is that people and companies are slow to adapt to new ways. If you’re used to using Skype to conference call or Google Docs to share and collaborate on projects, then switching to Yammer can seem like unnecessary expense and extra hassle. It really is a fantastic resource, but a company needs to put in the effort in the early stages to ensure that every employee is using it efficiently.

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2Cubed Contact Details

 2Cubed Contact Details

We want to provide the very best customer service to our customers. That’s why we’ve listed all means possible to contact us.  You can catch us on Email, Skype, Mobile, Landline, Twitter and Facebook. We have opened up all methods of communication to deliver the best possible service to our customers.  We appreciate that if you have an issue with your website that you need it dealt with there and then waiting may not be an option for you. So please feel free to use any of the media above to contact us. We would be delighted to hear from you.

Email: hello@2cubed.ie
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