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2Cubed Mobile Website Live

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Mobile WebsiteWe have been very slow to turn on our mobile responsive website.. Too slow really but just wanted it to be perfect. Didn’t want to effect customers experience in using our website. We feel that your brand should be treated the same way on mobile as it is on desktop and not given a light version of your brand experience when it comes to mobile. I feel let down all the time on mobile sites with the feeling would they just give me the desktop site and I might get to what I want.

Usability around mobile friendly is key. If it’s done poorly it can effect bounce rate and customer engagement.  So that’s why it’s taken us so long in turning on this key feature.

Personally I’ve had two bad experiences over the weekend where two separate online shops failed to go to the checkout on mobile. I alerted both as I really felt that they were missing opportunities plus orders that they could be getting. There were more than likely unaware that this was the case because the desktop site works perfectly.

Let us know what you think of our new mobile friendly layout. One thing that is still up for discussion here is the menu and the colour but that’s just a small thing.